Jodi Butts

Business Strategist

“We’ve already waited too long for HearVue! It grows the market for the business, binds the speaker more closely to their audience, and sends the message that the event and every audience member is too important for second best.”

A lawyer by trade and an entrepreneur at heart, Jodi is a mission-oriented executive with a strong track record in driving positive change and growth within leading organizations.

She has served as Chief Executive Officer of Rise Asset Development and Senior Vice-President of Operations and Redevelopment at Mount Sinai Hospital, and brings significant governance experience to her current role as an independent director of Canada Goose, director of Dot Health, and member of the advisory board to Bayshore Home HealthCare.

In addition to her corporate work, Jodi serves on the Board of Directors of the Walrus Foundation and is a member of its Risk Management Committee, and serves on the Board of Governors and Audit Committee of the University of Windsor.

Jodi received a Master’s degree in Canadian history from University of Toronto and is a graduate of its law school. She was called to the Bar in 2000.