Gordana Mosher

Social Media Strategist

“HearVue brings awareness, understanding, and education. But most of all, it brings us all together to equally share the experiences.”

Gordana is a visionary businesswoman passionate about creating opportunities and engagement for her clients. She owns her own business where she currently manages several clients’ social media platforms and marketing events. Gordana is always eager to embark on the latest trends to increase her personal social footprint as well as that of her clients. She has managed many projects, events, and unique opportunities, and was responsible for the development of a series of webinars and videos to create accessibility awareness.

Gordana has acted as an emcee for many events and appeared on Canadian morning/daytime shows. She knows what it takes to be in front of the media, either on behalf of her clients or preparing them to do the same. Her experience in both the corporate and non-profit sectors has allowed her to further enhance her communication skills and professional development. Gordana has many passions and has earned a great reputation as a reliable and resourceful connection. Her versatility and enthusiastic energy is never-ending, allowing her to quickly adapt in many settings.

On a personal level, Gordana is a published author of two cookbooks; she loves to combine her culinary flair with travel and adventure, always eager to explore new territory. Her keen interest in HearVue is informed as the mother of two adult children living with hearing loss.

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