Our Story

HearVue is an incorporated Canadian social enterprise proudly powered by women. We offer a solution to enhance the experience of all live event attendees by delivering captioning in partnership with venues, organizations, special event planners, promoters, and corporate sponsors.

Inclusion Champions (be it the venue/event corporate sponsors or the venues/event organizers themselves) commit to increasing communication accessibility by engaging HearVue on their behalf. In doing so, they put into action their Corporate Social Responsibility values for the benefit of the community around them. By embedding captioning during the planning stage, it becomes the proactive norm, not the reactive repair.

HearVue is NOT just a service provider. At heart, we are a movement that is gaining momentum. We are proud to act as a catalyst for change! Our goal is to spark social change by increasing inclusion through online and in-person live event communication accessibility. We want captioning at events to become the gold standard and audience expectation, for it truly does benefit everyone!

We welcome you to become part of this movement. Contact us today for more information about how YOU can become a HearVue Inclusion Champion!