Our Solution

HearVue provides stenocaptioners and A-V/event support to make online and in-person events more inclusive. Our captions integrate seamlessly with all online platforms such as Webex, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook Live, YouTube, to name but a few.

By leveraging our network of sponsors, venues, event promoters, captioners, accessibility professionals, and audio-visual providers, HearVue provides a seamless integration of services to advance communication accessibility at online and in-person live events.

The HearVue model addresses the lack of awareness or inability of venues and event organizers to offer enhanced communication accessibility at their events. Through education and support, we demonstrate that the provision of captioning results in wins on multiple levels.

Before, during, and after a live event, we celebrate the Inclusion Champions who engage HearVue to achieve the goal of communication inclusion, giving them well-deserved recognition. By modeling inclusive behaviour, they pave the way for others to enthusiastically follow!