Our Difference

Difference #1

The Founder of HearVue was born with a profound hearing loss and has used captioning for decades. She has also advanced diversity, inclusion, and accessibility issues as a long-time community advocate and human rights lawyer. When it comes to communication inclusion, Lorin has serious street cred!

Difference #2

Education is a critical part of HearVue’s mandate.

Contrary to popular belief, captioning benefits far more than people living with hearing loss.

Captioning at live events (in-person or online) is a vital communication tool that benefits:

  • those with undiagnosed hearing loss, including our growing Baby Boomer demographic who may not notice a decline in their hearing;
  • people with auditory processing disorders (a condition that makes it difficult to process what the ear hears);
  • those with learning disabilities such as Attention Deficit Disorder, who are supported by the visual presentation of words spoken;
  • our diverse English as a Second Language learners; and
  • those with no hearing, learning, or language difficulties who may still miss information due to poor acoustics, noise, distractions, and many other things.

Live event captioning shows you what you are missing – you may have never realized how much until the words are right in front of you!

Like curb cuts, ramps, and automatic door openers that are utilized by everyone and accepted as the norm in today’s society, captioning is a universal communication tool that benefits EVERYONE.

Difference #3

HearVue is committed to Canadian captioners and make them our priority for all of our captioning events. Our homegrown talent is of the highest calibre, dedicated to service excellence. Our clients deserve no less.

Difference #4

HearVue is not solely a service provider or captioning agency. We offer a customized and complete suite of services to communication inclusion that provides added value for everyone.