Education is a paramount to accomplishing HearVue’s vision. We are dedicated to busting the myths on our way to creating access for all!

Contrary to popular belief, captioning and subtitles benefit far more than people living with hearing loss. Having a visual channel for words that are spoken is enjoyed by:

  • those with undiagnosed hearing loss, including our growing Baby Boomer demographic who may not notice a decline in their hearing;
  • people with auditory processing disorders (a condition that makes it difficult to process what the ear hears);
  • those with learning disabilities such as Attention Deficit Disorder;
  • our diverse English as a Second Language learners and users; and
  • those with no hearing, learning, or language difficulties who may still miss information due to poor acoustics, noise, distractions, unfamiliar speech patterns, and so much more.

With visual access to words spoken, people are able to read what is also said. Many have never realized how much they miss until the words are right in front of them! Like curb cuts, ramps, and automatic door openers that are used by everyone and accepted as the norm in today’s society, captioning and subtitles are universal communication tools that benefit EVERYONE.